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The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund


The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund was established to make it easy for anyone to amplify the power of their charitable donations.  

This Donor Advised Fund is a charitable investment account, where donors can get a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of their donation.  The donated funds are invested in carefully curated Impact Investments, which allows them to grow while supporting businesses doing good in the world.  There is an annual distribution to charitable organizations which are directed by the Physician Advisory Group. 

You can choose what positive impact you want to make with your money, and we do the work of finding and evaluating opportunities, and following up with you on your impact.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Margaret Mead

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Our Mission

  As physicians, we work to heal and alleviate suffering for all those under our care.  The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund aims to take that work beyond the hospitals and clinics – working to heal and alleviate suffering in many forms, for people and the planet.  We support positive change with both Impact Investments and Charitable Grants informed by data and evidence, rooted in integrity, respect and dignity.

How does the fund work?


Choose a Cause

 One of the great benefits of the fund is this - we make it easy for you. If there is a specific cause you care about, but you don't have the time to figure out where to donate, or evaluate and compare organizations - the Physician Advisory Group is here to help.  



Anyone can donate to the Impact Fund - and there are many ways to donate.  An advantage of this fund is that you can donate appreciated assets  - contact us directly if you have complex assets, such as real estate, you would like to contribute. 


Get a tax receipt 

You will automatically get a receipt emailed to you for tax purposes.  As a contribution to a donor advised fund, you will not need to pay capital gains tax on donated appreciated assets, increasing your benefits and positive impact.  


Funds are distributed into Impact Investments

When a donation is made, it will be invested into curated Impact Investments which are managed by Montcalm - an investment firm dedicated to positively impacting people and planet.  This will give the funds a chance to grow before being disbursed for charitable contributions.  


Charitable Grants Made Annually

The Physician Advisory Board will be finding, evaluating and choosing the Charitable organizations that will receive the grants in each of the focus areas (different causes) to be disbursed annually.  


Follow up with

Impact Reports

We will be doing the follow up on the impact your contributions are making and we will send you an annual impact report.  That way you can understand the good your money is doing, both with the Impact Investments and the Charitable Contributions. 


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The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund is a component fund of Legacy Global Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) charity EIN: 37-1440662No goods or services were provided in exchange for this donation. Donations to 501(c)(3) organizations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The donation amount listed is your potential tax-deductible amount. Donations may only be partially deductible if part of a sponsorship. Donors should consult with their personal tax advisor regarding any potential tax deductions. All gifts are irrevocable and will not be a part of the donor’s estate or available to the donor’s heirs. Legacy makes no representations to the donor, except from being qualified as a public 501(c)(3) organization.

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