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The Solutions Project

Our member donations help make a powerful difference in the world

We carefully select charities which will have the most impact and benefit.

To find out more about how our members have helped to fund The Solutions Project's activities, and the incredible work that they do, read on below.

CAUSES SUPPORTED: Environment, Gender and Racial Equity
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“The Solutions Project (TSP) funds and amplifies grassroots climate justice solutions created by Black, Indigenous, immigrant, women, and other People of Color-led organizations across the U.S.”

Where they work

United States

Theory of change

“Community leaders solving climate problems need support. That’s where we come in. Our grantmaking, media, and cultural support for grassroots organizations helps clear the way for their work in community organizing.”

What they do
  • Grantmaking: “The Solutions Project funds and amplifies grassroots climate justice solutions created by Black, Indigenous, immigrant, women, and other People of Color-led organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.” The Solutions Project currency operates three funds:

    • Justice 40 Accelerator: Designed to increase access and funding for organizations led by people of color who are eligible for new federal Justice40 Initiative investments.

    • Communicating Our Power: Intended to build narrative power and communications capacity among grassroots climate justice organizations.

    • Fund for Frontline Power: Accelerates the flow of capital, land stewardship, and resources to grassroots organizations.

  • Grantee support: “We offer capacity and collaboration so our grantees thrive.”

    • Building media capacity: “We provide communications training, digital capacity, marketing services, and access to major platforms that amplify our grantees’ work”

    • Create resilient communities: “Our efforts to provide support that increases the resilience of communities in the face of crises are wide-ranging and include: rapid-response grants; organizing press calls; innovating on providing support for wellness; finding ways to support operations infrastructure”.

  • Inspiring action: “We celebrate frontline climate justice leaders. We make their work visible. And we amplify their stories by partnering with influencers and media outlets.”

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In 2021, Frontline Solutions conducted an independent evaluation of the Solution Project based on surveys of partners and grantees, producing the following findings:

  • “Survey respondents indicated high satisfaction with TSP’s grantmaking process, with reported rates of 80–90 percent satisfaction with the grant process, communications, and grant sizes.”

  • “TSP grantees overwhelmingly echoed the sentiment that the Project is an exemplary movement funder. Nearly all grantee interview participants could name elements of TSP’s grantmaking approach that they felt aligned with the concept of solidarity funding”

  • The area with the greatest opportunity for improvement is transparency, with 27 percent of respondents disagreeing or strongly disagreeing that TSP prioritizes transparency. Most grantee interviews felt that TSP was a good partner, but many indicated they knew very little about the Project as a funder and wished to understand more about its work and goals.”

  • “TSP remains a beacon in the philanthropic space for supporting frontline organizations in the fight for climate justice.”


2021 Impact Report:

  • Increased grants fivefold, ultimately disbursing $11.4 million to 193 grassroots organizations in 36 states

    • 65% of organizations were led by women or non-binary people, and 82% were led by people of color

  • Communications support and advocacy contributed to a record high number of references to climate equity and justice in the media

  • Enabled seven grantees to be appointed as members of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council

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Make a Donation

If there was one thing in the world you could fix, what would it be? Your answer can help you choose the cause you care about most.

Plus, donors can get a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of their donation.

When you donate, you can choose a focus area, and our Physician Advisory Group will work to find, vet and evaluate organizations in each area to contribute to each year. 

It's ok if you don't want to choose a specific focus area - we can direct funds to the areas of greatest need for you.

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